July 02, 2008


My daughter's birthday party went good.  We all had a good time.  Now, it's time to come back to real world, but today is my day off.  Sort of.

These days, I am knitting one project at a time.  
It started with BSJ Newcastle.  I wanted to concentrate to it, because it was my first try on the famous pattern, because it is a very special gift knitting to a very special friend.

And finished this pair. Actually, I had started it before BSJ but I set it aside while I was on BSJ.
Adult TOFU side
Pattern; plain toe-up short-row heel K2P2 all-over.  Basically, I use Universal Toe-up Sock Recipe from Knitty or Toe-to-Top Crew Socks from Simple Socks Plain & Fancy by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.
Yarn; South West Trading Company TOFUtsies, colorway 787  ~0.6 skein
Needle; Brittany 5 in DPN, US 1 1/2
I love this needle.  The length is just right for smaller sock (like mine or my daughter's), I love its unfinished surface.  

Next, came this.
Jay side
Pattern; Jaywalker by Grumperina
Yarn; ONline Supersocke 100 Holiday Color, colorway 999
Needle; KnitPicks Harmony US 0 DPNs

I had to frog the swatch to complete a pair.  The Recipient wears US women 10, and this pattern eats a lot of yarn.  I like this colorway, but looks like it's gone.  I can't find any online store to carry it. 

And next, came this.
Pattern; my own stranded design from the bottom to cuff, toe-up the rest, and grafted together where stranded part and ankle rib meets
Yarn; KnitPicks Essential Navy (22g, insufficient) and Ash (40g, made 10g leftover. uggh.)
Needle;  KnitPicks Harmony DPN and Brittany 5 in DPN, US 0 and 1 1/2

If I had enough yarn, I would have knit them toe-up all the way.  I wasn't sure for the amount of  Navy yarn.  I ended up unmatched heels (one in almost Navy, one in half-and-half of Navy and Ash).  Thinking of the way I wear them, toes and heels are always in the shoes and nobody wouldn't notice.  I can live with them.  I just wanted to make sure the stranded pattern part is perfectly as I planned.  And it is.  I am happy.

I am knit-wisely in a state of travelling already, thus, this series of sock knitting.  "Small" means "socks" for me but I am getting just a little sick of it and browsing a lot of scarf patterns online.   Maybe... in Toronto.... some Maple leaf-ish yarn (I have no idea what that is, though) for a simple lace pattern like Omo Scarf.

The stories I hear in Ravelry about confiscation of knitting needles at the airport was scary that I decided to send most of my needles away in the 1st shipment.  I now have only short (no longer than 7 in) DPNs, KnitPicks Harmony, Brittany, and bamboo needles in Japanese standards in my knitting bag.   I am going to check-in my Harmony and Brittany needles when we fly, only carrying bamboo DPNs (which in worst case scenario, I can buy new sets after we arrive at Japan ) with me.  Harmony and Brittany sets I have is just for fingering weight sock knitting, up to US 3, but my  bamboo DPN goes up to JP size 7 (compatible with US 6).  Lacy scarf... here I come...

I could cast on three sock projects at the same time right now even if I had to use the same size of needles for all of them, and more if I could use different sizes, but something in my mind tells me to try keeping on knitting one at a time.  Traveling makes me think to live on minimum.  It is good for me.

10 days to the final shipment
13 days in Texas
23 days in America

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