July 16, 2008

Day 2 Los Angeles (plan B)

There were a lot of ups and downs today.

The breakfast at Radisson was awesome.  Of course, it costs a lot, but the quality is excellent.  The family we sat next to last night was there, too.  They are from French Polynesia, and speak only a little English.  We had a very friendly happy conversation, though.  Power of words and smiles. 

After that, we checked Hollywood & Highland, drove up and down to get a good shot of "HOLLYWOOD" sign.  We found a very nice playground near the sign and my daughter had a really good time at the slide.
Lunch was at Denny's.  Headed to Griffith Park to ride a miniature train at the Travel Town Museum, and ended up spending a lot of time climbing up and down on the real train exhibit.  
The Pacific Ocean on "this" side was ...  expensive to park, considering we were only going to take a two of pictures.  We decided it's not worth touching.  It's just the same sea water as we can go in Japan after all.

Took a light supper at Del Taco, headed to the Union Station.
There, my husband turned pale.  He remembered the departure time of the Southwest Chief wrong, and the train we had scheduled to ride already left.
He quickly recovered (not completely, of course) and contacted the travel agency, reserved a hotel for tonight, got the plain for Chicago tomorrow.  We were all felt sad.  My daughter kept asking me "Why the train gone?"  I felt awfully sorry for my husband and for my daughter.  They had been looking forward to this train trip, this exact two nights and three days for so long.  He had talked her countless times about the train trip.  I can't remember how many times my daughter said "I can't wait!"  It was my husband's (kind of) dream, the way-overdued  treat for himself.  Although it was his mistake, he doesn't deserve this disappointment.  I cried.  A little.  My daughter learned that sometimes even a grown-up cries.

But, later, the lady at the travel agency called back again and told us that we can catch the train if we fly to Albuquerque.  The catch is, we have to catch the 6:00 flight from LAX.  My husband asked me if we want to try, and I answered "yes, of course" in no time.  The flight to Chicago is cancelled, and the one to Albuquerque is ready.  Let's see if we can make it.  A taxi will pick us up at 3:45 at hotel. 

9 days in America

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