October 27, 2007

I did it!

I am a knitter, not a sewer. (I am imagining myself as Lighting McQueen, saying " I am a racecar, not a bulldozer.") But sometimes, out of need, I sew. These are my newest ones. Yes, wizard (witch) robes.
First one is for my 3-yr old daughter. She is a bit like Hermione, bushy hairs, running around holding multiple books in her arms. We chose an angel costume for her first trick-or-treating this year, but to go with the witch hat I bought at Wal-mart ($2.49 or so) last year (and still keep), I thought she needs a robe anyway, if not for Halloween. Maybe she could wear for the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend, or just for dress-ups.
Second one is for myself. The witch hat from Wal-mart is adult size, I bought it for me. I need a robe, too!

Anyway, as always, they look OK only in this picture. In closer look, ..... no, don't give them a closer look.
And, as always, I love them and am proud of myself making them.

October 25, 2007

First Post

Recently, I knitted golf club covers for my husband. I had quite a lot of leftover yarn and wanted to use them up, made a bag to fit a store-bought canvas bag (as a lining) when felted. And..... overfelted it.
I love it. I love its texture (firm), I love its color, all curves and lines as it turned up. But, nevertheless, after all, it is overfelted, much much more than I had planned.

That's when I decided to begin blogging about my knitting.

I am pretty confindent about my knitting. I make a swatch, get a gauge (more to modify the pattern to fit MY GAUGE than to fit my gauge to the PATTERN). And, sometimes, like this time, the product turns out .... well, not as I planned. Still, I love all my products as it turned out. I want to take a picture of them, keep the pictures so I can recall after they are worn out.

So, this is my place to keep pictures and thoughts about my knitting projects.