October 20, 2014

le bonnet

One done. as the pattern says, started at the rim and knit in flat.

One more, alternated colorway, to go.
May be in round and top-down?

Yarns: Surnaturelle of la droguerie, colorway 63(brown) and 91(pale violet), doubled

Needles: JP 8(4.5mm) bamboo

Pattern: le bonnet de Maman by la droguerie

October 03, 2014

under suspended sentence

I had a test at the hospital yesterday, with a result which tells me my blood sugar is considered to be on the level of diabetes.
When I told my doctor that I just downloaded an app for recording diet and exercises a couple of weeks ago and lost a kilogram since, she gave me another 10 weeks before starting medicines.
We will see if my glucose level improves. My short-time goal at Christmas is losing another 3 kilograms and lower my HbA1c down to 6.0.

I'm not sure about my blood sugar behaves good or not. All I know for sure is a normal weight diabeteic is better than a overweight diabetic. I believe in modern medicines.

It's just I want to show my daughter that one's weight is controllable.