December 22, 2009

Santa, santa

I have found a good Santa Clause ornament.
Santa ornament 2009
It was on a pretty expensive side for its size, but we think it will make us remember that it was the year my daughter played "Little Star" for the kindergarten Nativity Play.

And, as a knitter, I couldn't resist to make this;
knit santa
He kind of looks like my ob/gyn doctor in the US. I thinks it's because he is wearing a mustache, not a beard.

First thing I made for my tree this year, though, was a pretty pom-pom Santa on an amigurumi book. I changed it to simplify the pattern a little so I can make it only the yarns I had in hand, and ended up...
Christmas pompom creature
on a creature like this. I don't think he looks like Santa, but really really like him.
I used a pom-pom maker from Clover (the 65mm & 85mm combo one). I wasn't a pom-pom supporter until I tried it. Now? I can't wait to make a new pom-pom (or two) for my daughter's pink hat which lost one because it was made too sloppy.

I profess my belief in Santa. Really. I believe that he exists and is giving away toys to children all over the world.
Or, why we adults keep on buying toys for children at this time of the year?

This year, my husband and I are getting a bicycle (blue, with Hello Kitty on it) for my daughter. We are having so much fun playing the roles of Santa's agent.

Merry Christmas, to y'all!