August 27, 2008

Vassallo kick

... And I am breathing again.

I mean, I just got internet connection at home today.   Our apartment has a broadband connection.  I just don't know how I describe it in English.  Something with optic fiber and telephone outlet, but provided by the electricity company.  Tell you the truth, I am not so sure if I know how to describe it in Japanese, neither.  All I know for sure is they took more than three weeks to provide the service for us, even though they had all the device right here in the building  and we did have the service five years ago.  I can't even think of the reason why it took so long just to connect a little cable.

Anyway, I feel I started to function again.  I just don't know what to begin with.  Reading more than 120 blog posts I am behind?  Several address changes I should have done one month ago?  Sending e-mails to my friends who surely are worried of us doing OK?

Or this post?