September 22, 2011

Summer Wrap-Up

A slide show. Sort of.

This summer was the first after my daughter goes to the elementary school. Three months of school life have add more to her already-good ability to enjoy, learn and learn more in new situations. We are very happy parents to have a smart and active daughter, and good teachers for her.

First half of her summer break was rather slow, made mostly with swimming class at her school, homework (She writes! She can do math! Addition and subtraction!! Sob.), counting the number of flowers and watering her morning glory pot every morning.
morning glory brownish pinkmorning glory pale pink

After visiting my in-laws, we together traveled to Kiyosato, Yamanashi, to escape from harsh heat.

We had great food,
Towering burgersizzling Salisbury steakGrilled chicken with herb

My daughter rode pony twice ( "just make a round" kind)
pony ride #1
Pony ride #2

and made her mind set to "grow up, taller and taller" to ride a "real" horse next time.
Our parental advises are;
-Keep on running and playing outside.
-Eat protein (yes, we actually use this word), and more veggies than protein. As much rice, bread and noodle as you like, but not too much sweet stuff.
-Don't give up your love for broccoli and apples.
-Sleep well. Verrrrry well. You grow up while you're asleep.
Which, she is eager to follow.

She also had good "just Gramma and me" time.
Gramma and me

We are sorry the sky was cloudy during the night and didn't have good starry view on both nights. The B&B we stayed have telescopes with whole observatory and everything (It is one of Grandad's favorite places to stay. He is a retired high school science teacher.), but there was no chance.

There was a competitive three-generations match which Grandad won by just one stroke.
three generations match

I had pretty good time with these;
sheepy woomorning knitting session

My husband had a well-deserved soul-cleansing, visiting a major shrine (Suwa Taisha).

Now, my daughter and husband thinking of returning there (she, to ride bigger horse, and he, to visit the main shrine we didn't have time to go this time, and rather secretly, to move to the area one day).

And now, I'm ready for autumn. WIP on the road is finished.
acrylic legwarmersas fingerless mitt / armwarmer
Pattern; Tyrolean Stockings by Ann Budd, in Interweave Knits, Fall 2007, made only the leg part
Yarn; Academy Plum (70% Acrylic 30% Wool), looks like fingering to sports weight, originally was in my mother's stash
Needles; JP #1 (2.1 mm) bamboo DPNs
Note; The pattern is beautiful, love the stitch definition and heathered look of the yarn. Problem is, it's itchy. Sigh. I will have to wear them over long sleeves.

To touch something more comfy, I finished these.
basic cotton
Pattern; Back to Basic by Deb Barnhill, in Knitty, Fall 2007
Yarn; Hamanaka Paume Kusakizome in colorway 73, two balls and a little more
Needles; JP #1 (2.1 mm) bamboo DPNs

Next one is going to be wooly.