May 20, 2008

MacBook cozy

Ravelry on MacBook
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(Oh, I am using the same photo again!)

Getting a lap-top means I can access to Ravelry almost anytime. It's a dangerous situation....

Anyway, it's natural to plan a MacBook cosy, right?
I have just the right yarn. Omega Sinfonia in rainbow colors, leftovers from this;
Ms. Slee and Choo-choo

Mercerized cotton is ideal for this project, I believe.  And the color.  I want a shouting COLOR to hold all-black cubic thing (however flat it is).

May 18, 2008

New gadget setups

Ravelry on MacBook

Setting up my new MacBook is still going on, almost done, though.

I consider this is one of rare chances of getting rid of clutters in my digital life.  Like moving houses.  My main strategy is, bring minimal necessary files along and once my usual routine rolls on, initialize old iMac and external HD.  I may lose some of my data and regret initializing, but, nothing is really important after all.

I wish our moving goes like that.

May 14, 2008

new gadget

Got a Mac Book.  This is my first lap-top, and I'm so excited.
So excited that I have no photo yet.

This purchase is a part of our moving.  Because our house will be much smaller after moving, everything must be more space-conscious.  Well, I know I'm not talking logically since we've not given up our old computer (which is going to be our daughter's) nor my yarn stash (it's growing on the contrary to our general strategy).  Nor those huge pots and pans in the kitchen.

I admit I am not a logical person.  But that doesn't make more space in new house, neither.  Sigh. 

May 04, 2008

Bliss blanket

Bliss finish
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Yarn ; Lorna's laces worsted "Daffodil", 4 skeins with an ounce left
needle; US 6
pattern; Bliss blanket

For my friend Keiko, having baby boy in this June.
Her daughter, big-sis-to-be is a good friend with my daughter. I hope this friendship lasts long, even after we go back to Japan.

Keiko and I met totally by an accident. I happened to go to the nearby mall after I visited Subaru dealer (and battered by the fact I have to pay more than $500 for a replacement of a head light), thinking of buying something for my daughter at GAP store. When I found out that GAP was closed (for remodel), I did what I usually don't. I went to GYMBOREE shop. There I heard a lady (Keiko's mom) talking to her company (Keiko) in Japanese. There, I did again what I usually don't. I asked to her, "Oh, are you from Japan?". Yes, she was visiting her daughter's family, living nearby, and she was looking for a 3-yr size girl shirts for her granddaughter, who was not two year old yet but pretty tall. Oh, I was looking for the same size for my daughter, who is almost three years old and having a boost on her growth. OK, we parted as we shop.
Later, I decided to eat at food court and there I met them again and sit with them to find out Keiko's home town is pretty near to my husbands'. What a coincidence! We talked and talked, exchanged e-mail address and there, friendship began.

When I heard Keiko is having her second child, I asked her if I could knit a baby blanket I was longing to try. She liked the picture of the finished blanket on the pattern, liked the yarn I bought just one skein and show her. It wasn't a surprise when I show it the finished one at her baby shower, but, I like to "build" something my recipient likes to have better than just to ambush her.


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Pattern; Jen's "On the Fly Earwarmer"

Yarn; Lorna's laces worsted, colorway Daffodil, 20g
needle; US 6

Very quick, fun to knit pattern.

I wanted to make a present for a big-sister-to-be, who will have fun but sure to miss Mom and Dad sometimes. Maybe something small and common with the baby will help her.

I wanted to take a picture of the recipient wearing this, but she was busy to put on all the plastic necklaces and bracelets and tiaras with other girls. It was a bit too large for an almost-three-years' head. Well, she could use it as a bikini top.