February 28, 2008

Needle Organizer

needle case cover glued
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I love my Knit Picks Options Metal interchangeable needle set. I love the flexibility of the cable, have no problem with slick metal tips, but what I love the most is its binder type case. I can feel I am neat.

So, I bought extra needle pockets for fixed circulars, but when I got enough pockets for all my sock needles, it was too much for just one binder. I decided to separate fixed circs from Options set, but, I didn't want to buy the same binder (how can I tell which has Options and which has circs without opening?). I searched planner sections of Office Max and Barns and Nobles but seemed Knit Picks Binder is not standard planner size.

No way. I just cut two pieces of card board in about the same size as the original binder case, put them and all the pockets in six books rings. Wonky. I needed a spine board (another piece of card board) and something to cover all of them to reinforce and make it look better.
What am I? A Knitter, of course. I should knit a cover.

It was a perfect project to use up all the bits and pieces of sock yarn leftovers. I knit them with 16 in US 0 circular needle which I bought at Hobby Lobby before I met Options Set and had no chance to use. I put occasional purl row and texture patterns to put away boredom, a little stranded pattern where color changed. I was pretty shaky and nervous to machine sew both sides of the steek, so I asked my daughter to be with me (Yes, she is just 3 years old, but , hey, she's already my good companion when I need some courage.)

It was nothing. Machine sewing worked beautifully. Cutting didn't cause me a nausea nor dizziness. I can cut up my circular knitting to flat.

Then, what? I just stapled and glued the knitting onto card board, but didn't stay on well, especially at top and bottom edge. I made Outline Stitches with my first handspun yarn.

I enjoyed the whole process. This, is my kind of a project, honey.

After all, I decided not to quit blogging.  I can't put something like this post on Ravelry note.  I could, but it doesn't seem right to me.  I am not a person who spend a lot of time on discussion board over there, neither.  I will just murmur happily here. 

February 11, 2008

To blog or not to blog..

That's the problem.

Now I have a "note" function on my Ravelry notebook, for each project and each yarn, I don't really need this place to organize and put a note on my finished project. 
I don't get a single comment here, that means I don't have a lot of people who come to read this.  So, actually, nobody needs this place, including me.

Well, anyway, I don't want to quit anything only after a few month.  Let's see a little more if I can whip up a way or two to make both meaningful.