December 11, 2010

Done, done and done.

I knit for my family and friends. Like my mother. My finished projects in these couple of months proof that.

fall in love finishedPretty petalLil blue rose sidesKitten's face toeless
four pairs of toe-less socks (Falling in Love by Anni Design, Pretty Petals Socks by Jeanie Townsend, Little Roses by Linda Fisher and Cat's Face Lace Socks by Jennifer Fleury, respectively. All links, after these, too, to Ravelry pages.) for my PTA pals (well, the last one was for me, indeed),
sweater with frilly collar
a sweater for my daughter (s15-11 Jersey with raglan and texture pattern in 2 threads Alpaca by DROPS design. collar was made frilly by the recipient's request),
veggie mittens  in and out
a pair of mittens for my dear friend since collage (that means more than 20 years' friendship between us... oh, my. Well, pattern is Annemor #11 by Teri Shea, made into mittens instead of gloves by repeating main flower/snow patten twice and decreased on top, following one of skillful and kind Ravelrers' way),
Margaret warmer on leg
a pair of ankle/wrist warmer for my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and returned to her work this summer. The pattern I used is part of Graph 44 in Latvian Mittens by Lizbeth Upitis, because the recipient was baptized Margaret recently and this had the most "margaret-like" look in my library.

And, I finished this stash-busting crochet halfghan.
wavy acrylic
All acrylic, roll-it-kick-it-hide-under-it afghan. The patten is Wavy Blanky by Stephanie Gage. It's a very soothing, sort of meditative pattern. I started it a little too ambitiously with a little too many stitches. The idea of this project was to use up as much yarn as possible, in a more or less sophisticated color scheme. I got a huge success by using up the yellow (tell the truth, ran out of it and added about half the row amount of off-white yarn) and used most of the brown (which is two-stranded fingering/sports weight). I have pretty good amount of green (green/black mix actually), which I am planning to use in another blanket/afghan/whatever-covers-me-up project.

The hectic end-of-the-year schedule doesn't stop me. I think this happens to many knitters all around the world. The busier you get, the more you need your knitting to take the edge off.
Last week, I had to attend at a 1-1.5 hour seminar/lecture thing (PTA-related, and had stinky political air as I had suspected. I hate politics.) Thanks to this project, I didn't start screaming fiercely during the seminar;
GOOD hat up close
Yum. Isn't it?
Child's Self-striping hat by my dear friend, Janet. With the exact yarn the pattern calls for. Procrastinating knitting it was my fault. My daughter's hat is almost as big as mine now, so I knit from top-down, increasing up to 120 stitches and knit, knit, knit until I ran out of whole one skein, and changed it to a white yarn of almost same weight to make long k2p2 ribbing.
GOOD hat on DD
Yeah, it looks little too big, but she could use some extra room when she has her hair "done pretty" (sigh.)

I'm in a mood for finishing WIPs right now. First up, Angora shawl for my mother (which I blogged in my 100th post.) Problem is, the yarn sheds like a sick cat. It gives me sneezes. I don't want to say this, but, I .... am not fond of angora.