February 07, 2010

When I grow up...

When my daughter (5 years old) is asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?", she answers "A professional baseball player." These days however, she says she thinks it would be very nice if she can marry to one of her classmates (I'll keep it anonymous). But another girl in her class wants to marry him, too. Uh-oh.

The other day, on the way home from the kindergarten, my daughter said,
"Mom, I want to be an angel. I want to help the God's work."
(We talk in Japanese, by the way. )
Since Christmas, she must have been thinking a lot about angels.

So I answered, "Well, my dear, I'm afraid it's going to be really hard for me and Dad to see you if you become an angel. We are going to miss our little girl so much."
Daughter; "Hmm."
Me; "Besides, there are a lot of other ways to help the God, by making people happy, by doing your job."
Daughter; "Hmm. ... A-ha! Like a soccer player?"
Me; "Soccer player? .... Y.. Yeah, exactly! You can make the team supporter very happy when you win a game."

Apparently, she is thinking a lot about her job opportunity.

Anyway, it looks that the last thing she wants to be when she grow up is an office worker who is bound to her own cubicle/desk only.