January 05, 2011

A new year, Old yarns

My last 4 weeks was a combination of rushes (some planned, some not so) and calmness (some planned and pleasant, some not so and kinda tense). Very holiday-like.

On the 14th of December, My daughter's kindergarten had the Christmas celebration. She was in the choir and very happy because Daddy was in the audience. I was busy helping the whole management on that day with my PTA comrades, and very happy with our job.

Well, I was happy partly because I had finished this beret the day before.
sweet honey beret on the knitter
sweet honey beret flower
This, is my Christmas present for my daughter this year. It's a little too big for her, but she wanted a slouchy beret in PINK and didn't care if it's a little too slouchy.

Three days after that, my daughter had a viral infection, very likely with Norovirus. We had to cancel all the Christmas parties she was going to. We stayed in at home for five days after all. I went out for groceries in the evening while my husband was at home with her, and tried on-line grocery store once (which was pretty usable). Between the countless trips to the toilet with the poor girl (and thorough hand washing after each time), had plenty time for knitting.

After she recovered, it was already time for the year-end cleaning, intense cooking
Christmas dinner
For Christmas, and
Osechi (new year's special) 2011
and for the New year's morning.
And the time for serious relaxing plus visitings, to my mother's and to a nearby Shinto shrine.

Anyway, I finished That Angora shawlette for my mother.
Angora shawlette
Angora shawlette back

I had a remarkable progress on my long-neglected Traveler's life Afghan.
Traveler's afghan
(This picture is old, but the afghan doesn't look much different.)
I am no longer making it with "randomizer" and going with my own whim and randomness, because the yarn variety is not so big now and because I want to finish it. Badly.

I've started a baby project for my friend's 3rd child with this lovely cotton yarns.
baby,baby,baby, before CO
Can you see a couple of pairs of booties/socks through this picture?

Except for this last project, my 2010-11 projects used my mother's and my long-time stashed yarns. They are absolutely usable, no, in excellent conditions (well, that angora yarn seemed a little fragile, but I guess it's partly from the short angora fiber itself; it's not the age, it's personality).

It's a good point, right? Old yarns, can turn into goodies.

So, here's my resolutions for 2011;
1. I'll knit every day. Even only one stitch a day.
2. I'll stop buying yarns. I had this in mind for a while, but this year, I'll say it loud. I. Would. Not. Buy. Yarns. (I am not saying "I'll not get any yarns". I accept very gratefully any yarn gift :-))
3. I'll FINISH my projects.

This year, will be a year of magic. Wooly (and acrylic) magic, that is. "Those stuffs under the bed and in the box" will turn into socks, mittens, hats and even sweaters. (See the optimism in plurals?)

And I'll lose weight :-p
(Really, not so a joke. I've lost more than 3 kg = roughly 7 Lb since last summer and keeping it. Some more, say, 5 to 6 kg = 12 Lb? Doable. Optimistic? Yes. But totally doable.)

A happy happy new year, my friends!