May 06, 2011

Just for fun or practical use

We had a good time at my in-law's this "Golden Week" (end of April - first week of May holidays). My mother's kidneys had changed their minds and start working again (rather slowly though), the medicines began to kick in, so we had not so much worry to leave behind.

My husband's stay was only for 3 days because his company moved some non-working days in this month to lengthen summer "Obon" holidays in August, to save energy in hot days this year (some of its factories are in TEPCO area). My daughter and I stayed with them 7 days.

We travel light. No need to bring around heavy coats, but my clothes choice included these wool;
Mine socks side
leftover broccoli socks
Yeah, socks. My hand-knit.

My sock knitting started in 2007. Soon I found out that;
1. I love wearing wool socks even during in summer (I mean, in Texas and in Kyoto).
2. I'm one of those few happy people who don't get Second Sock Syndrome.
3. I prefer knitting toe-up socks.
4. But prefer wearing cuff-down, heel-flapped socks.
5. I love DPNs. Not that I don't see the beauty of magic loop, though.
6. I don't like knitting two socks at once, but if I need to, I can.
7. Or, I'd rather re-wind yarn in two balls with the help of my trusty digital kitchen scale.
8. Socks are my comfort, not my field of challenges. That means, I love knitting simple ones.
9. Not that I refuse Cookie A. I adore her designs.
10. I like knitting stranded colorwork socks, but not so wearing them.

My socks drawer is getting less full. I have been knitting socks, but not so much of mine these couple of years. I decided this year is going to be my-sock knitting year like 2007-2008, but things are not going as I planned. I got distracted by those leftover fingering yarns, my used-to-be-my-moms' stash (means classic, not-so-soft, non-superwash yarns). My bath tab reading with my daughter ended up casting on this scarf for her;
Ahoy WIP
pattern; from Sailing by Teresa Boyer, in Nursery Rhyme Knits: Hats, Mittens & Scarves with Kids' Favorite Verses
yarns; classic fingerings from my stash
needles; US #1 (2.25 mm) metal circular

My first time try for stranded colorwork in straights (using circulars but like straights. NOT in rounds.) I was afraid of tangling and puckering, but not really different from knitting in rounds.
Actually, I brought this project to my in-laws and made a good progress on it.

This summer, we're visiting in-laws again, hopefully longer. Which project would I choose to bring with me? Biological Clock by Janel Laidman (in The Eclectic Sole)? Herringbone Rib by Kristi Schueler? Celtic Triad by Kathleen Sperling? Sandalwood by Caitlin Stevens?

Or all of the above?