April 12, 2010

Spring has come, at last.

We had a pretty cold March this year. Had snow twice, even on 30th.
I was so glad to have a light but warm pullover, and wore it every day under my micro-fleece parka from UNIQLO. Yes, I got some pilling around the hip and underarms. That's wool.

Morning temperature stayed low even after cherry blossom season has begun. Thanks to that, we had one of the best cherry blossom seasons in years.
Sakura 2010 Kyoto

Sakura 2010 Kyoto

And, my daughter and I found out that ankle warmers are great to wear. Whenever a little more warmth than a pair of wool socks and leggings are needed, they are perfect.
They are small, so, knitting-wise, it's a good opportunity for a challenge. No heels, no fingers nor thumbs, just a tube. Can be knit in any weight of yarn.Selbu anklewarmer
happy leafy arm/leg warmer

Using just two balls of Noro-ish color, 50% acrylic 50% wool worsted yarn (260JPY per 40g/80m ball) and several hours of mindless work, I got these.
Mom & daughter leg/arm warmer
A pair for my daughter, another for me.

As Yarn Harlot says, legwarmers must be back. If you doubt, start with anklewarmers.
Just cast on as many stitches as you need for your mittens/socks, knit 4-5 inches of tube. That's it. If you want a pair that match each other, repeat once more. Or not. Not a big deal as non-matching pair of socks.