March 30, 2008

Lace Scarf

My Friend Cynthia's beaded lace scarf. I have never, ever thought of knitting with beads (OK, maybe just a thought),  it was dreadful to think about fiddling thousands of beads. Here, pretty simple and beautiful project. She is thinking of second scarf with same pattern with beautiful silk/camel yarn. I have never, ever thought of knitting silk. Any exotic fiber is beyond my imagination. I have never tempted by musk ox, camel, yak, nor vicuña. Except alpaca, yes, and llama (I do have one hank of llama yarn bought in Colorado) . Her projects whisper me getting one little hank of gorgeous silk or oh-so-soft-and-beautiful something (I can't find anything from my poor knitting vocabulary). For my next birthday present, for example.

edited; I removed her photo from this post.  I don't have her permission to use the photo.  It is on flickr, public setting, but I don't think that means I can use her photo without asking her.  As a common sense.  It's not that she got mad at me to use her photo or anything.  I post it, and went to bed, and it seemed to me that I did a wrong thing. I am going to ask her about it via e-mail.

edited again; Cynthia kindly let me use the photos.  Thank you so much. 

future project list

I am trying to figure out how to use this blog and Ravelry to organize my knitting life.  
With Ravelry, I can...
1. organize my project, whether it is finished or in progress, or, in hibernation.  I can put pretty long comment on each, stock data about which and how much yarn used,  which size of needle used, etc. 
2. organize my books, magazines, pdf files.  There's a limit on adding books (only the ones on Ravelry already, or use Library Thing to add the ones not on Ravelry), but so far I love this.
3. organize my needles and hooks.  Because Ravelry is basically US-based service, I need to "translate" Japanese sizings to US sizings, but, I believe this is doing great favor for me. 
4. queue "yummy" project on Ravelry data for future project planning.
5. ask fellow knitter/crocheter about almost anything
6. hang out with fellow knitter/crocheter and blah blah blah about almost anything without really getting together

It comes to the point to ask "Then, what is that I can do on this blog and can't on Ravelry?" 
How to use Ravelry depends on personal decisions and likings, so, on above sentence, accent should be put on "I".  Me.  What I decide to and not to do.

I decided not to be very emotional on Ravelry.  The things I feel in the course of knitting particular project will not be put in the description on Ravelry.  If I want to write them down, it will be here.
If there is any project not on Ravelry (so I can't put it on "queue" page), and I want to make a note, it will be here.  Or, on my knitting notebook.  If I were in front of my computer, I will log in Blogger and make a post here.  If it was in my bed or living room that any idea occurs to me, I will open my knitting notebook and jot it down. 

So, I am going to start it from my next post, which is.......

March 27, 2008

Kitty amigurumi #2 - promise

Kitty amigurumi #2
Originally uploaded by O'Chica

Rachael liked this. I hope she remembers that she had a Japanese classmate at her three's class when she grow up.

I like Rachael's Mom a lot. I am sure we have something (a lot of things) in common, deep inside our hearts. Love of sports, love of funniness. I wish we had met earlier. We might not see each other anymore. We might lose contact eventually. But, I promise you, Jennifer, I will send you a pair of socks this Christmas.

March 14, 2008

Kitty amigurumi

Kitty amigurumi
Originally uploaded by O'Chica

I .... am not fond of crochet. But from time to time, I feel I MUST make something crochet. Like this.

Pattern; Dress-up Doll in 「ハローキティとサンリオキャラクターの はじめよう!かんたんあみぐるみ」p.72-78.
yarn; Baby bee Sweet Delight Baby angel (white) for Kitty
Yarn bee Intrigue azarea (purple) for dress
hook; Japan size 3/0

Crochet gives me shoulder and neck pain. I hold my hook so tight that even my fingers hurt. I can't even tell right and wrong side of a crochet stitch. I can't count crocheted stitch on fabric, so I have to keep on counting as I go. But, always the result is satisfying. So satisfying that I sit back, admire my work and tuck away hooks after that and never miss them until I got hit by next "Ooooooo!", usually for a year or more.
This time, thing is a little different. 

I made this right after Kitty.
Mr. Coffeecup amigurumi

Pattern; Mr. CoffeeCup from "Tea Time" in 「ハローキティとサンリオキャラクターの はじめよう!かんたんあみぐるみ」p.48-49.
yarn; some sport weight acrylic yarn from Walmart, leftover of dishcloth
hook; Japan size 3/0, or 5/0? 

It was an easy 90-min project from digging up yarns to finish.

And after that, I promised to make another Kitty (identical one. I know. Give me c- word.) for my daughter's friend, who is moving to Chicago in two weeks. Deadline crocheting. Oh, hardcore.