March 30, 2008

future project list

I am trying to figure out how to use this blog and Ravelry to organize my knitting life.  
With Ravelry, I can...
1. organize my project, whether it is finished or in progress, or, in hibernation.  I can put pretty long comment on each, stock data about which and how much yarn used,  which size of needle used, etc. 
2. organize my books, magazines, pdf files.  There's a limit on adding books (only the ones on Ravelry already, or use Library Thing to add the ones not on Ravelry), but so far I love this.
3. organize my needles and hooks.  Because Ravelry is basically US-based service, I need to "translate" Japanese sizings to US sizings, but, I believe this is doing great favor for me. 
4. queue "yummy" project on Ravelry data for future project planning.
5. ask fellow knitter/crocheter about almost anything
6. hang out with fellow knitter/crocheter and blah blah blah about almost anything without really getting together

It comes to the point to ask "Then, what is that I can do on this blog and can't on Ravelry?" 
How to use Ravelry depends on personal decisions and likings, so, on above sentence, accent should be put on "I".  Me.  What I decide to and not to do.

I decided not to be very emotional on Ravelry.  The things I feel in the course of knitting particular project will not be put in the description on Ravelry.  If I want to write them down, it will be here.
If there is any project not on Ravelry (so I can't put it on "queue" page), and I want to make a note, it will be here.  Or, on my knitting notebook.  If I were in front of my computer, I will log in Blogger and make a post here.  If it was in my bed or living room that any idea occurs to me, I will open my knitting notebook and jot it down. 

So, I am going to start it from my next post, which is.......

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