March 14, 2008

Kitty amigurumi

Kitty amigurumi
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I .... am not fond of crochet. But from time to time, I feel I MUST make something crochet. Like this.

Pattern; Dress-up Doll in 「ハローキティとサンリオキャラクターの はじめよう!かんたんあみぐるみ」p.72-78.
yarn; Baby bee Sweet Delight Baby angel (white) for Kitty
Yarn bee Intrigue azarea (purple) for dress
hook; Japan size 3/0

Crochet gives me shoulder and neck pain. I hold my hook so tight that even my fingers hurt. I can't even tell right and wrong side of a crochet stitch. I can't count crocheted stitch on fabric, so I have to keep on counting as I go. But, always the result is satisfying. So satisfying that I sit back, admire my work and tuck away hooks after that and never miss them until I got hit by next "Ooooooo!", usually for a year or more.
This time, thing is a little different. 

I made this right after Kitty.
Mr. Coffeecup amigurumi

Pattern; Mr. CoffeeCup from "Tea Time" in 「ハローキティとサンリオキャラクターの はじめよう!かんたんあみぐるみ」p.48-49.
yarn; some sport weight acrylic yarn from Walmart, leftover of dishcloth
hook; Japan size 3/0, or 5/0? 

It was an easy 90-min project from digging up yarns to finish.

And after that, I promised to make another Kitty (identical one. I know. Give me c- word.) for my daughter's friend, who is moving to Chicago in two weeks. Deadline crocheting. Oh, hardcore.

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