May 04, 2008

Bliss blanket

Bliss finish
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Yarn ; Lorna's laces worsted "Daffodil", 4 skeins with an ounce left
needle; US 6
pattern; Bliss blanket

For my friend Keiko, having baby boy in this June.
Her daughter, big-sis-to-be is a good friend with my daughter. I hope this friendship lasts long, even after we go back to Japan.

Keiko and I met totally by an accident. I happened to go to the nearby mall after I visited Subaru dealer (and battered by the fact I have to pay more than $500 for a replacement of a head light), thinking of buying something for my daughter at GAP store. When I found out that GAP was closed (for remodel), I did what I usually don't. I went to GYMBOREE shop. There I heard a lady (Keiko's mom) talking to her company (Keiko) in Japanese. There, I did again what I usually don't. I asked to her, "Oh, are you from Japan?". Yes, she was visiting her daughter's family, living nearby, and she was looking for a 3-yr size girl shirts for her granddaughter, who was not two year old yet but pretty tall. Oh, I was looking for the same size for my daughter, who is almost three years old and having a boost on her growth. OK, we parted as we shop.
Later, I decided to eat at food court and there I met them again and sit with them to find out Keiko's home town is pretty near to my husbands'. What a coincidence! We talked and talked, exchanged e-mail address and there, friendship began.

When I heard Keiko is having her second child, I asked her if I could knit a baby blanket I was longing to try. She liked the picture of the finished blanket on the pattern, liked the yarn I bought just one skein and show her. It wasn't a surprise when I show it the finished one at her baby shower, but, I like to "build" something my recipient likes to have better than just to ambush her.

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Knit - R - Done said...

Beautiful blanket! I'm sure it will be loved.