October 27, 2007

I did it!

I am a knitter, not a sewer. (I am imagining myself as Lighting McQueen, saying " I am a racecar, not a bulldozer.") But sometimes, out of need, I sew. These are my newest ones. Yes, wizard (witch) robes.
First one is for my 3-yr old daughter. She is a bit like Hermione, bushy hairs, running around holding multiple books in her arms. We chose an angel costume for her first trick-or-treating this year, but to go with the witch hat I bought at Wal-mart ($2.49 or so) last year (and still keep), I thought she needs a robe anyway, if not for Halloween. Maybe she could wear for the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend, or just for dress-ups.
Second one is for myself. The witch hat from Wal-mart is adult size, I bought it for me. I need a robe, too!

Anyway, as always, they look OK only in this picture. In closer look, ..... no, don't give them a closer look.
And, as always, I love them and am proud of myself making them.

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