November 04, 2007


After adding handle, the "overfelt" bag looks pretty good. At least, for me and for my husband. I think I can say that he is an ideal spouse for a knitter. He...
1. doesn't complain about my buying yarns / knitting books / tools. ( He has a pretty good collection of piano scores.)
2. doesn't want more socks than I can manage to knit for him.
3. enjoys bulky sweaters which has a bit too "relaxed" after washing. (I knit them before I learn to measure my swatches before and after washing)
4. can laugh with me when something goes funny. I mean, like overfelting or too-much dropping the drop spindle while learning to spin. Or, overgrown sock knit without swatching.

Of course he is picky about designs and colors of his garments, but, after all, he is just a man. I am OK to accept his tastes (I mean, narrowness of it) as long as I can knit happily.

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