November 12, 2007

42 days to..

I live in a rental house. The landlord is very nice, beautiful couple who live one mile from us and we have a very good relationship, to say at least. This year, I planned to knit a pair of socks for each of them, Mr. and Mrs. landlord. He loves fishing and she often stays up late to study (she is in a graduate school to be a school psychiatrist), what else fits them better than wool socks?
She looks to fit in any size M garment for women, but he is a tall guy. I didn't want take a risk of guessing his size and ending up too small. So, I asked their shoe size when he came to fix (well, replace) my garbage disposal in the kitchen. Thank goodness I asked! It was about one inch larger than my first guess. Problem is, now I made it official by asking their size to knit socks for them, I have to FINISH them. BEFORE we go back to Japan on holidays.
So, I chose this yarn. Nice, SPORT WEIGHT, machine washable & dryable yarn. Gems sport( 100% Merino) from louet. 100g/225 yards.

My sock pattern is pretty simple. One cable on each side (to keep track on row counting), K2P2 rib on instep and all along leg for better fit. I like to make it toe up because that's the way I made my first pair for adult, not a bootie, but after I made a few cuff down pairs, I am pretty confortable with both ways. I prefer short-row toe&heel. This time, though, I use round toe for HIS pair. (I haven't made my mind how HER pair is going to be in detail.) Usually, I use circular needles, either 2 circs or magic-loop method, to make my socks. This time, because I want to work cables in the middle of a needle, I want to start the round from somewhere between side-center and back-(or front-)center, which means starting short-row toe with provisional CO is incovenient for me. Well, I can manage but I don't like moving the beginning of a round more than a few stitches. I am not afraid of DPNs, so, using DPNs and trying round toe looks confortable.

I started HIS pair 2 weeks ago, one sock done in about 10 days. It required some trial and errors, so, second one can be done quicker. HER pair should be a breeze after HIS pair. So I hope.

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