July 12, 2008

Moving Update 7/11

What we did on these three days;
*... don't remember well.  Everything went very fast.
*Ate too much.  For sure.
*Brought a slide and a toy car to KidtoKid, got declined the car (three balls were in a new one, all gone), the slide made $15.20.
*Took our daughter to a check-up.  She got 4 shots for immunization.  She did very well at a vision screening and measuring (35 pounds, 39 inches) but didn't respond at hearing screening.  It might be just that she didn't understand the concept (very common in the children who just turned to 4), might be that she really has a problem in hearing.  She doesn't have any trouble in language or musical development, or so it looks like, that it's likely to be the former case.
*Drove to the airport, rent a car.  Turned out George Bush International has one of the best rent-a-car centers you can imagine.  My husband is looking forward to next business trip to his former office already.
*Emptied the fridge.  To me, who was raised by Japanese parents born before the WWII, throwing away the foods is a sin.  I am a sinner.  I even threw away a half-pint container half of ice cream.
*Tried to empty the pantry.  My former English teacher helped me, encouraging me to pass even an open box of rice to her.  She was raised by a father who went through the Depression, has the same idea about throwing away the food.  She saved me.
*And she bought our TV at $20.
*Brought the broken appliances to the recycle center.
*Packed some stuff.  Not a lot.
*Took pictures with my daughter and her teachers at the preschool. 
*What else...?  Oh, shipped everything at home.  The boxes finally counted more than 220 (including the 100 boxes shipped already on 6/20).
*Sold the fridge to one of the movers came today at $40.  He is the one whom we are the most thankful to other than close friends.  He took care of our stuff when we moved to the USA, to the house we have been living these two years, and today.  We can't think of a better person to pass our beloved refrigerator to.
*Returned a modem and a digital box to Comcast.
*Brought some appliances and the toy car which was rejected at KidtoKid to a Goodwill Donation Center.  I wanted to bring them to The Salvation Army, but Goodwill was the nearest and time was pressing.

Things I didn't do these three days;

There still are some things to be done here.   

2 days (and several hours) in Texas
13 days in America

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