July 15, 2008

Day 1 Los Angeles

Yesterday was a big Good-bye day.  In the morning, we drove to Huntsville to say bye-bye and thank-you to Mr. Sam.  In the afternoon, I took my daughter to my "Italian sister"'s house.  We were classmates at ESL when I was pregnant.  She is from Italy, and I call her "my sister" because somehow I feel relaxed when she is with me.  Her husband, who used to be a pilot, had a stroke two years ago and lost the ability to walk, but he still is a man of quick humor.  I took the measurements on their feet (and of the teacher at the ESL class we met, who bought our TV, gave me a lot of presents and adopted all the rice and beans and flour left in my pantry).  I will try to make the most comfortable and well-fit pair of socks for them.

Today, we went to the post office to send a package to Japan (for ourselves. To reduce the amount of stuff we are going to carry all the way), and to the bank to deposit the check from Carmax.

And off we go.  To the 'Trans-Am Sports Pilgrimage Tour".

We flew from the George Bush International to LAX.  We all took a good nap during the flight.
Checked in the hotel, took Metro and picked up a rent-a-car at Hertz in Union Station.  Why bother going all the way to the train station, while we are right beside the airport?  Because we're going on a train trip tomorrow.  The sight from Metro was very interesting.
We were planning to go take a look at the Dodger Stadium and Rose Bowl before going back to hotel, but there was an accidental misdirection, and our daughter wanted to go to the pool.  We decided to go back directly to the hotel, take dinner at hotel restaurant and go to the hotel pool.  Only one miscalculation was we are no more in Texas.  The outside pool after 6:30 in the evening was too cold for me, but not so for my daughter, so I ended up developing whole upper armful of goose bumps.  

10 days in America

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