July 04, 2008

Moving Update 7/3

What I & my husband did today;
*Decided how to do about our bedding.  Because the shipment takes weeks, we just can't peel the sheets off the bed and pack them (hint; weeks of humid and very warm condition combined with used sheets. Gonna be filthy.)  We are not going to take them with us all the way from L.A to Toronto to New York, where we travel before going back to Japan.  We really don't have any choice than to throw them away, except to wake up early on the moving day and wash & dry them before packing. Our decision is throwing them away.  I have a few new sets for each already packed and shipped.  But I know some part of my heart tells me "Hey, just a thin single layer cotton fabric or two.  It doesn't take long to dry up!"
*Learned that I can't make online application on Change of Address at USPS.com.,  because we need  our mails to be forwarded to my husband's office, which means family address changed to business address.  I am not so sure what they are worried about, but they just don't accept it.
*Learned that all I have to do to let mail forwarding done is (or so it looks like is) to go to the nearby post office and get a form (which comes with Lowe's coupon and everything), fill it and post it.  I don't think it makes sense.
*Went to post office anyway and got the form.
*Got a copy of medical record from the doctor's office (my husband).
*Made an appointment for my daughter's check-up.
*Packed and sealed one box.
*Packed several more boxes but not sealed.
*Bagged several garbage bags. But garbage truck doesn't come on regular schedule (Friday) this week because of the holiday.  Really hope they come on Saturday.  Really.

Although every day I feel I could scream/sob/giggle all day, sock knitting is keeping me from breakdown.  My project right now is Back to Basic from knitty.  It would be easier to knit on 2 circs, but I only have DPNs on hand.  Not really a big problem, but a little fiddly.  
Next is going to be Ambrosia Socks from Knitting Daily, if not a lacy scarf I am daydreaming frequently.  Like Leaf Lace Scarf by Janet.  

Happy 4th of July!

8 days to the final shipment
11 days in Texas
21 days in America

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Twisted Knitter said...

Oh wow! I think I am going to cry -- July has snuck up so fast and now you are leaving. I'm sorry a planned knitting day never materialized for us and that things have been so over-scheduled and crazy (here) and full of packing and good-byes there.

I will PM you on Ravelry after I finish catching up here. :-)