July 19, 2008

Day 5 Canton, OH

On this trip, things look to be getting better and better.
The hotel had doughnuts (Krispy Kreme!) and muffins for breakfast, guest laundry was available for us in the morning, better yet, I got a free cycle.  They seemed to have a trouble on the machines, and I happened to be there at the time it got fixed.  I was just wondering when the empty washer's spinning cycle ends, if ever, when the repairman arrived.  I talked to him and he was kind enough to reset the machine.  He assured me it was OK that I didn't put my coins in, just I was lucky today (and suggested me to buy a lottery ticket with that one dollar meant to be used for laundry), and promised me he would leave the dryer so it would work just pushing the "start" button.  When I went back to the laundry room, the dryer was there just as he promised me as, but the price was raised from $0.75 to $1.  If my timing was not right, I would have paid $2 to finish my laundry (which is what I would do without complaint, though).  Only two dollars, but came with the conversation with the repairman, enough to make me ridiculously happy all day.

Start milage;1125.4 mile (not the odometer reading, but the "trip" meter.  Didn't bother to reset it.)
From Chicago to Canton, OH takes about 6 hours' drive, according to MapQuest driving direction.  Problem is, we move from Central Time Zone to Eastern Time Zone along the way.  Which means, we need at least 7 hours on the clock.  We started around 9:30.

Lunch;  McDonald's at service area on Interstate 90  Chicken nuggets,  Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich, 1/4 Pounder Burgers without cheese

Since the trip to Colorado last summer, Cars soundtrack CD is "the travel songs" for us.  I just don't know how many times we listened to it again and again, cruising at 70MPH on highways.  While our daughter is taking a nap, we would turn on the radio for a little change (usually a country music or 80's), but when she wake up, we just go back to the CD.
When our daughter was still a newborn, I used to sit right beside her child seat.  After I resumed driving, my husband always sat next to her in the backseat, not wanting to miss any minutes to be close to her.  Now it's a rule; one driver in the front, other two in the back.

Fried calamari, Eggplant parmigiano, Pesto tortellini, Spaghetti with butter

End milage; 1574.9 mile

Checking e-mails every night, I am starting to unsubscribe the newsletters from grocery stores, bookstores and online shopping sites who only ships for North America.  Wrapping up things is sad.  
6 days in America

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