July 07, 2008

Moving Update 7/6

During this long weekend, packing didn't make a lot of progress.  We spent these three days meeting friends, buying birthday present for our daughter and just enjoying family time.  Our 4-year old girl needs Mama, and I am saying a lot (maybe too much) of  "Not right now."s these days.  On her request, I stayed right by her side while she watches Handy Manny today, instead of sending e-mails or picking up bits and pieces.

Still, there are some things I have done over this weekend;
*Sent an e-mail to the remodel company in Japan.  Their paper (order form) should be here days ago, but is not.  We are a little bit concerned.  (Got an e-mail response, saying they sent the same paper in priority mail again to make sure it is delivered before we leave here.  Good.)
*Tried to open utilities via online at our new house.  Turned out electricity order doesn't work from my computer (probably because I am not using Internet Explorer), gas order needs valid telephone number in Japan,  telephone order (sort of re-connecting to be exact) can't be done online.  Later turned out that electricity order needs valid Japanese phone number, too.
*Keeping on the effort to empty the pantry throwing away as little food as possible.  Means our diet is getting heavy on carbohydrates.
*Keeping on the effort to empty refrigerator, throwing away as little food as possible.  But for about 10 scary fossil-like jars I found far deep in there, I didn't hesitate to put them in the garbage bag.
*Asked GTA Fiberfaces board on Ravelry about LYS and yarn suggestion in Toronto.

It's about time to make a serious to-do list.
*Buy chimney starter (for my brother), oven mitts (for mother-in-law) and several silly T-shirts (for nieces and nephews).
*Go to CarMax to get an appraisal on our car.
*Bring broken appliances to local recycle center.
*Bring toys and so on to The Salvation Army.
*Complete cancellation process of water, insurance and cell phone contract.
*Buy more garbage bags.
*Buy 60W light bulb.  (Pantry light burnt out.)
*Wash blankets and pillows before packing.

But for today, I'll take a hot bath and go to bed.

5 days to the final shipment
8 days in Texas
18 days in America

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