July 03, 2008

Moving Update 7/2

What I did today;
*Made online application for the turn-off of electricity. On the course of that, I realized I didn't remember the spelling of "electricity". Now I know it.
*Made online application for the shut-off of gas.
*Made a phone call asking the cancellation of the phone service. I had my sock knitting while waiting for them to get an attendant. While I was admiring my own cleverness to do so, I got an attendant and got upset because it was so quick.
*Saw one of my English teacher to tell her I'm leaving.
*Went to cable TV (& internet service) office and made cancellation.
*Got Handy Manny Tool Box Toy for my daughter (as a birthday present from me.)
*Baked Shoo-Fly Pie. (Confession; with store-bought pie sheet. Used Tyler Florence's recipe for filling.)
*Remembered that I have to make an appointment for my daughter's check-up.

9 days to the final shipment
12 days in Texas
22 days in America

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