July 09, 2008

Moving Update 7/8

What I did yesterday and today;
*Bought "little something for everybody in the family."
*Brought our car to Carmax and got an appraisal.
*Cancelled water service.
*Met my former English teacher at a gelato stand.  We talked,  ate gelato.  She got a kitten (toy) for my daughter as a birthday gift and a nice earthenware water jug for me as a farewell gift. 
*Invited to my husband's co-worker's house, who is also from Japan, is also going back to Japan at the end of this month and my husband's golf mate/mentor.  His wife is visiting here to help the moving and to go to a trip to Canada.  She is a good cook.  We had a very good time.
*Cancelled my cell phone contract.  It was to be expired this month anyway.
*Called to insurance company for the cancellation.  They are going to send me an e-mail and the reply to that e-mail will complete the process, according to the lady who helped me.  It looks too easy for me, but naturally, I don't have any complaint for that.
*Called to a friend to ask for her awesome Maple Fudge recipe.  She is actually the wife of my husband's boss, and we had met each other only once or twice.  She had given me her phone number when we first met, and I was keeping that like a charm.  (I asked her husband when we met last week for the number again, indirectly, by mentioning I wished I had asked her for the  Maple Fudge recipe.) Knowing for sure that I could call someone I know when I got in trouble is priceless.  Fortunately, we didn't get in any big trouble that I didn't call her until today.  But I wish I had talked with her more often.  I cried when I hung up.
*Brought clothes and books and some hardwares to Goodwill Donation Center.  The Salvation Army Donation Center has much cheerer atmosphere, but Goodwill was closer.
*Went to Kids to Kids to ask if I could bring in a slide (I was afraid it might be too big.)
*Talked to my daughter that I am going to bring the slide to a store tomorrow, that we have to say bye-bye to it.
*Bought light bulbs, but forgot about garbage bags.
*Still waiting for the mail from remodel company in Japan.  

I have to speed up selling/donating/throwing process for sure.  And I definitely have to start packing suitcases to bring to the trip.

3 days to the final shipment
6 days in Texas
16 days in America

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