July 18, 2008

Day 4 Chicago

Everything is going on now as we planned before.

Our daughter, fearless four year old slept on upper bunk last night.  We should have known that she wants it - she wanted a bunk bed so badly after we look around for her first big-girl bed, saying, "I want that 'two' bed!"  (We talked her into a regular, low, twin-size bed, with the condition of getting a Dora sheets and everything with it.)

Breakfast; dining car.  Vegetable omelette, Continental (oatmeal, croissant, banana, yogurt), French toast

We played cards, took a little morning nap, before lunch.

Lunch; dining car.  Burger, Turkey salad with cranberry sandwich

The train had delayed about one hour or so yesterday, and the delay was still not recovered.  It's not a big deal.  Trains delay here in the USA. 

When we arrived at Union Station at Chicago, it was a little past 4:30.  First plan was to take Metra and CTA to O'hare to rent a car, but the weight of our baggage had made us think again (during the train ride) to take a taxi.
It was around 5:00, so, naturally, there was a severe traffic situation, which was not so bad for my daughter who needed a nap to catch up sleep she should have had these two days.

Rent-a-car is a red Chevy Impala with a Florida license plate. When my daughter and I saw the car, we shouted "McQueen!' in unison.  He is going to carry us all the way from here to Newark Airport.  Tomorrow, if I don't forget, I will note the starting milage.

Dinner; Shoeless Joe's Sports Bar & Grill (next to the hotel)  Hey Batter Batter Cod, Today's Special (Chicken Parmigiana), beer for my husband.  He deserves a good brew.  Special came with Chocolate Sunday as a desert.  We all (kind of) celebrate the end of the train trip and beginning of the long drive.

7 days in America

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