July 13, 2008

Moving Update 7/12

On finishing up the finishing-up;
*Opened the key for the house cleaning crew.
*Brought a ladder, two armchairs, two folding tables and a recliner for outside use to my husband's co-worker who is also from Japan.
*Returned the keys to our wonderful landlord.
*Sold the car to Carmax.  Didn't know we can keep the license plates.  I was almost in tears looking at them.  It's like a farewell present from the car.
*Sold child seat to my friend.  That makes $77.20 to be donated to March of Dimes.  I feel a little bad about NOT donating all the proceeds from selling the car, but it is a college fund for our daughter.  We'll add some money to the donation check for sure, though.

A horrible mistake;
*My purse I used last time we went to Japan is not with me.  That means (or so I seriously hope) it is somewhere in the packed boxes and gone by ocean (more likely than by air), which means I won't get it back until late August or early September.
 I am really glad my husband didn't get mad to hear this news. He just assured me that it's OK because he has his Japanese bank card with him (and got a little nervous and got up to check it - I woke him up at 3:30 in the morning), and laughed a laugh that means "but I am never going to forget it- and I'll make a joke of it forever!"  ... Well, I think I really deserve it.

Not so horrible;
*Several things we didn't intend to take to Japan was neatly packed and shipped.  A pack of tennis balls, broiler pan which was in the oven when we moved in, a wall pocket in the pantry.  I am sure we'll find out some more when we receive the package.

To be ready for the trip;
*Asked a fellow Raveler (is it the right word? I need to find out.) for the tips on sightseeing in Toronto.  

One and a half day in Texas
12 days in America

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