June 12, 2008

BSJ Newcastle

BSJ Newcastle
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Pattern; Baby Surprise Jacket (by Elizabeth Zimmermann)
Yarn; Dalegarn Baby Ull leftovers from my daughter's and my mittens
needle; US 3 32 inch circular needles and US 0 crochet hook

I am very proud of using up the yarns (to several grams all 4 colors combined), and not so of using leftovers for one of my best friend's baby gift.

The new parents lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. They are both Japanese, his job happened to be there. He teaches Palaeo-environmental study at the university. He is my (and my husband's) friend from college, only one in our class but very much academically succeeded. And he couldn't find a job in our home country. That's a shame.

He is not sure he can find a post in Japan before their baby daughter grows up. He said that it's sad that he will not be able to share his mother language with his own daughter. Their thought put in their daughter's name may not be completely understood by her. 

I know this kind of thing has happened countless times in the United States, where countless immigrants found their only place to earn and build families, their children learned some of their mother languages but found out English as their first language. Those immigrants and their families had chosen the best way of life for sure, but, still, it's a sad thing.

I always wanted to try this pattern since the day I heard about it. It took me a while to "get" how the decreases and increases line up. I ended up ignoring a few mismatches about stitch count, which is OK for me as a knitter, may not be OK if new dad ever notice (he is a very..... meticulous person) but not likely because he is a non-knitter.

I love this pattern now. Now I completely understand why there are a flock of knitters who admire Elizabeth Zimmermann as to say "she is the patron saint of knitters." Too bad she needs some (three?) miracles recognized by Vatican to be canonized. We can build a Shinto shrine and make pray to her right away. Any Shinto priest who knits out there?

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