June 19, 2008

Moving Update 6/18

What I did yesterday and today.

*Yesterday, I was down all day.  I had 100.4°F (38.6℃) fever when I woke up.  My husband took care of everything about daily life (daughter's preschool drop off & pick up, laundry, cooking.) 
*Today, my fever broke down to 98.4°F(36.9℃). I believe I just had a simple viral infection, means it goes down its way in three days, and take a couple of DayQuil and work.
*We made decisions about remodel of our house in Kyoto.  We are going to have a big (standard American size) gas oven and dish washer in the kitchen.  Exciting.
*Divided pots and pans and plates to "ship" pile and "stay" pile.  Well, it's not finished, but almost.
*Not done, but am going to work with my daughter through her toys & books to figure out which one goes "ship first and let us wait in Japan" pile, which one goes "stay with us and come to Japan later" pile, and which one goes "maybe bye bye" pile.

Tomorrow, my husband will take a day off and join me to get ready for the shipping.  

2 days to the 1st shipment
23 days to the final shipment
26 days in Texas
36 days in America

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