June 12, 2008

Moving Update 6/11

What I did yesterday and today;
*Packed most of our winter clothes and formal outfits.
*Packed DVDs.
*Threw away all of VHS tapes, except for the one our wedding is recorded.
 This made me feel I am married for ages.  It's only 12 years ago, and the recording device is gone obsolete.
*Finished importing audiobooks of Harry Potter series to the Max (my MacBook) through to "the Half-Blood Prince."  This means only one more book to go, which means only 17 CDs to go.
*Arranged selling TV to my English teacher. (I no longer take her class, but, like parents, you can't quit being a teacher.)

Packed boxes counts 13 (one is not sealed, a few more thing to throw in).  There going to be about 100 of them when everything (including furniture and all) is done.  The finish line is still so far to see.  Well, 80 or so of them is going to be done by professionals from the moving company, though.

9 days to the 1st shipment
30 days to the final shipment
33 days in Texas
43 days in America

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