June 13, 2008

Moving Update 6/12

What I did today.

*Made "For Sale" list.  We were going to donate all the stuff we can't bring to Japan, and realized the best way to make it work is to sell them and donate the proceeds.  We learned that what the organization who does "good things" really needs is manpower.  Since we can't offer our time, next best thing is money.  Maybe we are going to put unsold stuffs to the hands of the moving company to let them donate to Salvation Army or someone.  Otherwise, our money goes to March of Dimes.
*Packed almost all the CDs in our house.  My husband and I have already imported our favorites to computers, so we can live without any of them for next two months.  Technology. 
*Packed most of my long sleeve shirts.  It's the advantage of moving in summer time; it's hot anyway, anywhere.  We really don't need warm clothes for a while, except for an "in case" long sleeve jacket for each of us.  

8 days to the 1st shipment
29 days to the final shipment
32 days in Texas
42 days in America

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