June 06, 2008

Moving Update 6/5

What I did today.

*Took out air-bed from already packed box for a newly-come fellow Japanese couple (They just come two days ago and the house is almost ready to move in, but their bed won't be delivered until next week.)
*Packed almost all the knitting books and yarns (except those I am planning to read/use during our travel/moving)
*Made a box for important papers.  Whatever should be kept safely goes in this storage box.  To make it clear that this box is special, I bought a blue flower-print storage box from Office Max.
*Made a box to keep books that my husband is planning to read  between the first and the last shipment.
*Filled "Bags/Cloths for Donation" boxes (two of them).

Not bad, but opening those packed boxes made me disappointed of myself.  I should have known better to leave the air beds out, for I knew them coming and I knew how the first days of moving is going to be.
Later, I found out that I kept buttons from my denim top coat (there may be better word to describe it) when I was checking the coat to put it in "donation" box.  Two buttons were missing on the front, one was pinned to the belt with a safety pin, one was kept in my 'button bin'.  This made me feel very good.  I feel myself a good housemaker, though not a good packer.

I set a rule to assign each week from this to the 1st shipment to each of three zones of our house, playroom&office, bedroom, kitchen.  Living room is taken care of throughout the last two weeks with bedroom and kitchen.  And NO PACKING ON WEEKENDS to keep my sanity.  This means, this week's work is almost done, because tomorrow is one of 'out of the house' days. (To bring donations and visit friends to arrange sellings/giving aways.)

15 days to the 1st shipment
36 days to the final shipment
39 days in Texas
49 days in America

Edit;  One more thing I did today.  
*Broke a tea pot.
Sad.  I liked that plain all-white pot, but I can do without it for a while and get a new (likely a smaller) one in Kyoto.  One less thing to be packed.  That's not bad.  Sad, but not bad.

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