June 20, 2008

Moving Update 6/19

What my husband and I did today;

*Ordered some books and DVDs from Amazon.com. (Yes, I am an idiot.)
*Packed my iMac. He (well, it has a name and it's a male name) is going to retire from housekeeping jobs and spend the rest of his life as my daughter's playmate.
*Packed my husband's clothes. 
*Packed my daughter's toys and books that she decided to send first. (Last evening she did a very good job sifting almost all her books to three piles, "say bye-bye", "send first", "stay and send later."  Amazing.  I am a lucky mom to have such a smart girl.)
*Moved the stuff which is going to stay to "Stay" area of the house.  We learned a lot about mistakenly sent stuffs when we moved here from Japan (like my husband's can't-believe-sized favorite soccer team flag. Before we noticed, it had been packed and numbered and sent.  In spite of that we were so determined to throw it away. It still is in our possession.)
*Passed some baby stuff to my friend's baby girl.

And I am going to stay up a little more to mark kitchen cabinet door as "Ship" or "Stay" to make it clear its contents are to be shipped or stay.

It is going to be a long night.   Movers are coming 9 o'clock in the morning.

1 day to the 1st shipment
22 days to the final shipment
25 days in Texas
35 days in America

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