June 25, 2008

Moving Update 6/24

After last Friday, there is a happy hollowness in our house.

closet 1    A SPACE in the closet!

closet 2    And another!

PC room    Empty space in PC room?

green room    Whole empty room?

But from this week on, I'm going to find out how much stuff is left (huge amount) in this emptiness.  Wrapping up things is the hardest part.

And there's my daughter's birthday party on this Sunday.  Some more shopping on the stuff I know is going into trash immediately after the BIG day.  
It's OK.  This is the first and last opportunity for her to spend some time with all her friends here in the USA.  I am glad to make a huge waste in order to make the moment special.  Forget "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."
.... OK, maybe.

What I did yesterday;
*Got helium balloon kits and stuffs from party store.
*Got water (in half pint bottles) and juice boxes from H.E.B.
*Got chicken tamales and Asian salad kit from H.E.B. and called it a dinner.

What I did today;
*Looked up CarMax site and downloaded "what to bring to sell your car" list.
*Unplugged MacBook when I heard the first sound of a thunderstorm.
*Daydreamed what to buy at the yarn stores in Toronto.

17 days to the final shipment
20 days in Texas
30 days in America

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