April 02, 2008

Fair Isle color planning

Another "future list" a.k.a. daydreaming.

When we visited Canada(Ottawa,where my husband had a conference to attend and one day in steam engine trip to Wakefield, Quebec) last October, the autumn leaves were literally shining.  Most of the one week stay, the weather was cloudy to rainy, wind was chilling.  The leaves were still beautiful under the grey sky.  But, on the day we were planning a train-ride, it was clear, sunny and warm enough for us to have lunch outside, right by the river.  Blue sky, red, yellow and green (lots of shades of green) leaves, quiet river.  One day, I will make a sweater of those colors.

One more sweater planning.
We named our daughter after Bluebonnet flower, the State Flower of Texas.  Naturally, we go out for a photo shoot every year this time, to take pictures of my daughter and "her flower."  This year would be the last, because we are moving back to Japan as my husband's job demands.  I feel sentimental to whatever I see this spring.  Yes, spring time in Japan is also beautiful and I love to see those cherry blossoms and young leaves of willows over the little stream of Kyoto.  But, but....
So, I decided to make a sweater of Texas spring wildflowers.  Indigo blue, blue-purple, white, pale pink, bright orange-red, yellow, and bright side of greens. 

I am not an "intarsia person".  I would love to make these sweater with Fair Isle style small pattern works.  For Canada Autumn Sweater, background will be dark grey-charcoal grey-black and pattern color moves from green, yellow , orange, red to blue in bright tones.  For Texas Spring Sweater, background will be somewhat muted greens and pattern color will be the colors of all those flowers.  Small lice in red, big circle or cross with  fill-ins in Bluebonnet flower color. 
I will spend a lot of time choosing the yarns.  

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