April 23, 2008

As a knitter...

Now it's been official for almost two months, I really need to start working on the move back to Japan.
I called to the moving company (Nippon Express Houston Branch), talked with the mighty nice fellow Japanese lady (not only she is from Japan, but also from my home city, Osaka) about the schedule.

My feeling is really torn between the life in the USA and in Japan.  Here, we have space.  Our daughter is running, kicking and throwing balls even in the living room.  In Japan, we have family.  She will learn a lot from her Grans, aunts, uncles and cousins.

As a knitter, I feel as if I go to a whole new country.  I am now thinking of  "stitches per inches", not "per 10 centimeters" and, in  "fingering, sport or worsted weight"  not "Chu-boso, Ai-buto or Goku-buto."  I love knitting socks, but sock yarn is very hard to find in Japan. There are no domestic yarn manufacturers who make sock yarns.  I am way more comfortable with "*K8, K2tog* repeat between *s to last" style instruction than those itsy-bitsy symbol in squares. 

Well, I could re-write the instruction to American by myself.
Well, I can find knitters in Japan through Ravelry.  I could even contribute to Ravelry as a volunteer editor in charge of Japanese yarn company.

Well, it's gonna be OK.... it's my native country after all.  But, again, as a knitter, I feel I am leaving my native country.  

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