April 18, 2008

elbow-length sleeve grey sweater

elbow-length sleeve grey sweater
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Yarn; Nikke Victor Wool land 11, 11 50g balls
Pattern; Takashi Sorimachi "My sweater" (Lady Boutique series no.841, Butikkusha, 1994)
Needle; JP 8, 10

Right after I finished baby blanket, my finger itched badly looking for "something more." There, I had this yarn (leftovers from my husband's huge sweater), pattern book and time. I finished back, front and got overwhelmed by the combination of the heat of Texas summer and pregnancy. It was abandoned.

Two years later, right after I finished my daughter's flower cardigan, it asked me to finish, or so I felt. Problem is, I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn for sleeves. My mother was visiting us at the time for holidays, and advised me to; set aside one ball for finishing, split the yarn into two, pick up stitches from armholes and knit down to cuff.

The result? Elbow-length sleeves.

This was surprisingly useful for me. I don't need to roll them up every time I use water!

Later, I carelessly washed it in the washer (my goodness, in cold water) and got slightly felted. OK. It is warm.

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