April 07, 2008

baby socks

baby socks
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These were for the baby girl of the lady who works at my daughter's pediatric doctors' office. She is one of few people who knows my daughter was a small baby.
At 6 lb 2 oz, my baby was completely healthy and came in full due, but small enough to make a new mom nervous. She caught up very fast, hit in the right middle of "average" area in growth curve at 2 month check-up and have been staying there since.

When I heard about the always kind and smiling receptionist's maternity leave, I wanted to send her something special. I had to be very quick, because her due date was coming in 10 days. I breathed deeply (twice), and went to nearby Michael's to get the finest baby yarn I could get. I had the pattern. I had one full week to finish it, for my daughter's flu shot was scheduled one week later. I wasn't so sure that I could do it, because I have not finished even a single pair of socks yet. Not a single pair of booty. I don't know even until this day why it had to be a footwear, I just set myself to it.

My yarn was not fine enough as the direction says, and my friend had a single ball of very fine cotton yarn, which I can use. I thanked her very deeply, and casted on.
It wasn't a piece'o'cake, but it wasn't as difficult as I had been afraid of.

I didn't make it before the baby girl came, because although I finished them in time, she came 2 days earlier before I brought it to the office. The present was taken when they visited the office for 7 days check-up.
The baby who received these is now 18 months old.
I have knit more than 20 pairs of adult and toddler size socks since then.

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