October 18, 2011

2nd Anniversary

I realized that it's two years since I bought my Kindle, when I got an E-mail noticing me of the release of YarnHarlot's new book.
(OK, I think I should use "publish" for the word "release", but Kindle book looks more like music downloads than real book.  Hmm.)

I accidentally arranged my "library" in "Oldest 1st" order, and there was the first download, anti-dramatic "Kindle's User's Guide, 1st Ed.", with the date Oct. 19, 2009.

Thank you Kindle.  My reading is not faster nor more in quantity  because of you but I feel more relaxed to buy English books and read it.

Now I'm reading a story about growers of giant pumpkins.  It's the season, right?

Speaking of the season, it's officially sock season for us knitters. Yeah, I agree, it's sock knitting season all through the year, but, hey, it's this cool weather that knitters and Muggles appreciate the magic nature of hand-knit socks... warm, comforting, handy, soothing and at the same time, beautifully complicated if knitter chooses to make it so.

So, I made this.
simply in pink
Pattern; The one on the label of the yarn.  This.
Yarn; LionBrand Sock-Ease, in CottonCandy.
Needles; JP #1 bamboo DPNs, my go-to sock knitting needles.

These are for my mother.  I used about 2/3 balls, and the leftover will make a great legwarmer for my daughter.

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Twisted Knitter said...

Happy Kindle Anniversary! I still love mine . . . whenever I get a chance to read, it's like an old friend. And there are so manY books at my fingertips.

Speaking of Muggles, are you going to get the Harry Potter books when they're released for Kindle?