October 06, 2011

October 5th.

It's 21 years since my father passed away. There was a year I totally forgot the date, just called my mother on a whim (or so I thought) and found out it was the anniversary day.  There was also a year I couldn't think about anything but about him.
The dead is unchanged. The livings change.  Improve, decline, up and downs, wonder about.

This year, I noticed the date didn't call to my mother.  Just spent the day like other "ordinary" days in the year.  Mom sent me the usual text message first thing in the morning (proof of life) and I returned a tex mentioning weather.  It was jut another Wednesday, except for a headache that sent me to bed early (thanks to my dear husband, who took care of our daughter perfectly and my lovely and smart daughter who knows what to do and when.)

This morning, I woke up without a headache but with a slight backache likely because of too much lying down, did what I do when I start the day.
And found out Steve Jobs passed away.  On US time, on October 5th.

Of course I did not KNOW him. Like other billions of people in this world, I'm just another user of Apple product.  I'm one of the people who was changed their life forever by Mr. Jobs, with not so much knowing about that when the change happened but now notice that.
I. Feel. Sad.

It's a great loss.
We had lost him officially when he resigned the CEO of the company.  But sadness came, at least for me, only today.

It may be because I just finished my listening to Harry Potter audiobooks yesterday, but it seems to me that we just lost one of the greatest wizards of our time.

RIP Steve Jobs.  Or, go ON.  Like other wizards who chose to do so, not remaining in our world as a ghost.

macintosh apple
8 years ago, we found a "real" McIntosh apple at Kroger or WalMart near our apartment and got excited(we don't have them on the market in Japan).  Fun memory.

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