March 21, 2011

One more, before going back to "usual".

Thank you for the supportive messages to my last post.

What happened nor what's going on do not allow us to be optimistic. But reconstructions are beginning. Nuclear reactors are getting cooled down. I'm not panicked.

Thank you for your kind heart and rational mind, fellow knitters.
Please, read this.
And send money to MSF and Red Cross / Red Crescent of your country.
They know who needs help the most. I want to thank them to remind me that earthquake victims are not the only one who needs to be helped. It's another shocking truth.
I'll send my money to our fellow Japanese through Japanese Red Cross Society, because it's where my heart goes the first. And I'll keep on doing my annual donations to MSF and UNICEF this year, too. I believe they know better than me in deciding how much to go whom.

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Twisted Knitter said...

Thinking of you and appreciate your perspective.

It's a great reminder to contribute actual cash rather than creating logistical challenges by sending knitted goods. I love the Knitting Daily article. So timely!