March 15, 2011

No, it's not.

I was thinking of posting about the wonderful gift package (this for my daughter and this for me) from Janet. But before that, I think I need to talk about the earthquake.

As everybody knows, on March 11, 2011, a mega-size earthquake hit the Northeastern to Eastern part of Japan. Its magnitude was 9.0. In less than 10 minutes, tsunami, more than 10 meters high, hit the coastal area. I was just lucky living far from the area and staying unaffected by it. My husband's family lives in the area of rolling blackout. His sister's husband is from Ishinomaki. His family is OK, but it took 3 days to hear from them.

Some people use the words like "God's Wrath" or "Punishment" to describe the disaster. I don't think that's right.
People who are suffered, killed or lost their houses were not ignorant. Nor reckless. Nor arrogant.
They are not punished.

Japan is in the geological setting which is inseparable with huge earthquakes and tsunamis. Coastal areas have been struck by a tsunami once in several decades or so for long time, like longer than written history. Those who lives in the affected area had accumulated the know-hows to survive. There were local alarm broadcast system, seawalls, evacuation map and everything.
This time, what happened there was almost the worst thing in the history, beyond preparations. Who in the world would be fully prepared to an earthquake which makes GPS grid distort by 8 ft. and make a whole city area sink 25 inches?

Earthquakes happen in our country. This time, the impact was beyond our imagination.
Now, our own pride technicians, police, armed forces, municipal workers, medical stuffs and care workers are working with more and more aids from the countries all over the world, even from New Zealand, who was also hit by a big earthquake recently.
To save lives.
With all the wisdom we have.
It's no time for accusations nor begging for mercy of God.

Difficult time is going to follow. Survival is one thing, and recovery is another.
Please think of Japan, of the people who suffered.
And support MSF. Please. They know who needs the most.

ETA; I forgot to write down the most important thing I have in mind. THANK YOU, WORLD. I feel we're not alone.


Charade said...

Thank you so much for posting this. And thank you for such a thoughtful response to the insane notion being tossed about by some rather stupid, mean-spirited people.

I had my first, second and third birthdays in Japan as part of a US military family, and I've always felt a connection to that great country. I'm saddened, of course by the violence of nature, but I'm in awe of the people and the way they are living each new day with such grace. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an insightful and gracious post. Nature is nature and we are a part of it. Only when we feel separate from it do we somehow feel "punished". When humanity takes a hit, we all suffer because we understand the fragility of life. May all the world continue to show support for those suffering and in need and answer the call the best way they can.

Twisted Knitter said...

I have nothing to add to your awesome post and thoughtful comments other than we are thinking of you and your family.