February 09, 2009

Sad news

We lost Gaspard.  Possibly my daughter left him at doughnut shop table or somewhere and somebody took him away.

Good thing I have leftover yarn and eye parts enough to make another doll.
Bad thing I'm fed up with making crochet amigurumi right now.

After all, I am sure I'm going to make another ASAP.  I have joint responsibility for his loss because I said OK to my daughter when she wanted to take him with her.  My daughter is still only four years old.  I sometimes forget that, though.


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azzuka said...

we lost a brand new train on a bus in kyoto: my son was sleeping and when we got off I forgot to check for the train. it was a nightmare, because my sono cried and cried that he wanted another one, but there were no toy shops in the vicinity and it was late...
I learned the lesson, now I always check.