February 28, 2009


Most of my inherited yarns don't have any yardage info on the label, or don't have any label at the first place.  It might be the time I get a yardage meter, but I can't find it anywhere inside Japan yet, in person nor online.  I looked around fishing shops, too.  No luck.  I thought about buying one from Nancy's Knit Knacks or Paradise Fibers, but got a second thought.

I, can't buy any yarn.  Not for now that I got six skeins of sock yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool along with Norah Gaughan booklets.  Oh, let me make an excuse - these are early birthday present for myself, and I ordered it before I got Mom's yarns. 
Anyway, now that I can't buy any yarns, I just have to order just one single yardage meter overseas.  It is going to make me sad to ignore the goodies and all (read as "yarn").  I don't want to be sad.

Next thing I thought was to make one by myself.  I found a good instruction.  I seriously am thinking of it, but looks like it's going to take a while to gather up what I need.

So, I turned to a simple physics and math.  I measured out 10 meters of fingering yarn and put it on a kitchen scale.  It comes back and forth between 2 and 3 grams, so I'll call it 2.5 grams. That means, 100grams of that yarn goes 400 meters.  Not bad for an estimate, because the label says "100g = 420 m". 

I'll get a small and precise scale.  That will be way versatile than a yardage meter.
Did I ever mention I am Alton Brown fan?  Yeah, I hate a unitasker.

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