September 10, 2008


Moving overseas means (almost) total renewal of appliances.  You have to buy from vacuum cleaner to refrigerator, not to mention TV.  And you have to bear the "are they newly-wed? Why is this girl speaking English?" look from the service person at appliance store. 

We are through.  Only a few things is left to buy.  They are...
・coffee grinder; we were going to bring the one we were using, but I dropped it on the stone floor and got a crack two weeks before the final shipment.  Now, we are doing with pre-ground.  Problem is, we brought KRUPS coffee maker (makes 10 cups) we got in the USA back here.  Usually, coffee makers sold in Japan has only 5-cup capacity, which leads most electric coffee grinder sold in Japan has only about 50g capacity.
・paper shredder; not the desktop model, since we have absolutely no space on our desk for a shredder, or, no home office desk to begin with.  We are doing all paper work on our small  dinner table, which itself is pretty common in a Japanese family.
・iron; except I'm in no hurry.  My husband's job doesn't require wearing jacket everyday.  And all of his dress shirts are wrinkle-free.  I only use iron for my quilting, which I don't think I can find a time for.  

Shopping these things can be a lot of fun itself, but doing this kind of things day in day out....  not really.  I am sick of looking up lists on and elsewhere.

I started knitting my daughter's everyday shoulder bag for felting using Domino knitting  (by Vivian Hoxbro).  She needs a plain, hands-free bag to carry a small towel, a clip to make it into an apron when she eats, and a pocket tissue.  Sometimes restrooms in public space doesn't have paper towel to dry our hands.  Most of the time they have warm-air-type dryer instead, but my daughter doesn't like winds blow onto her face.  It's understandable (but it sounds snobby a little when she says so).

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