September 17, 2008

Big Girl Bag

Big Girl Bag after felting
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Pattern; modification of a pattern for glass cases in Domino-Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro (Japanese title;ヴィヴィアンの楽しいドミノ編み 2001 文化出版局
Yarn; Cascade 220, leftover from Celtic Knot Afghan 7805(pink) 82g and 9422(red) 24g
Needle; Knit Picks Options circular, US 10, 24" and 40"

As I mentioned in last post, my daughter needs a bag for her hand towel and everything. Thus, this bag.  Just for small things for her to be prepared as a lady, however young she is.

Problem is, I made it too big for her and I can't find a good reason not to put her dolls in it. I have a strong feeling that this bag ends up on my shoulder a lot of times, being too heavy for her.
... I think there's just the amount of yarn for another, smaller bag left (40g of pink and 24g of red).

Tell the truth, I didn't like Domino knitting method so much. I think I just don't like to cut the yarn so often. This method is very much like piecework quilting for me. If the yarn is that short anyway, I would love to use it up this way. I can't decide which method I like less, entrelac or Domino knitting.  
... Striped bag, maybe.

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