September 02, 2008

I thought I would never say this;

I don't have a time to knit.

My day is spent on unpacking and organizing and thinking of it.  Both my husband and I had known that we were going to face an impossible puzzle, like fitting 100 pieces to 50, or 20 pieces-space.  We are pretty cleverly working on it, and getting some sort of triumph on several tactical situations.  That's it.  We have started wrong.  We have too much stuff in a too small house. 
My during-my-daughter's-nap and after-the-dinner knitting time is mostly replaced by organizing the kitchen and dining space.  Cooking and eating is the most important activity at home after taking a good sleep.

Today, most of the empty boxes were taken away by the transportation company (I have been using the term "moving company", but they are not just that.)  Now we have an access to oshiire, Japanese traditional 'mattress closet'.  We made up our mind not to have voluminous traditional type mattress or futon (people, futon is not a word for a sleeper couch) and instead keep space-eating western style bed to sleep in, which means we have whole oshiire as a storage space and supplemental closet. 
I am thrilled to think about how we use our oshiire.  Thrilled, and at the same time, sick of it.  I need an oshiire fairy to help me.  Or oshiire monster.  Whoever works for me without telling me to reduce the amount of things we are trying to put in.

And in the meantime, we began looking for the kindergarten for our daughter. It's common to have a 3-yr kindergarten education here in Japan these days. It wasn't in my (and my husband's, we graduated high school in the same year) time. We decided two years like we had would be enough for her to get ready for an elementary school, means she will start next April.   If I didn't Google "Kyoto kindergarten" on Monday night, we wouldn't know we are behind.  What I found out was that Kyoto Private Kindergarten Association have limited the start of registration process at each kindergartens no earlier than September 1st, actual registration no earlier than October 1st.  Means September 2nd. is the day a lot of kindergartens have their first open schools for '09 registration.  
My husband and I had agreed that we would choose one in the walking distance from home.  I picked up two kindergartens to match that, and learned one of them are having an open school the next day, the other on this Saturday.  Phew.  We were almost behind.
One more thing we learned from a quick research on the internet is that there seems to be no big difference in the tuition between public and private, considering we probably can get some support from Kyoto city for having our daughter in a private kindergarten.

Anyway, my knitting time just kicked away by this research.

I am not totally away from knitting-related activity.  Finding a storage space for my stash is becoming a hot topic at last.  Uh.

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